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Glacier Surgical Associates serves residents who live in the Palmer, Alaska area. Dr. Shannon Gulley, is a Board Certified physician who performs laser treatment procedures as well as many different cosmetic surgeries.

Laser Treatment Q & A

What are the Benefits of a Laser Treatment?

Laser treatments offer a wide range of benefits. Lasers provide fast, effective results that are produced through minimally invasive procedures. Because the lasers do not break the skin, there is minimal risk of infection and very little risk of scarring. Laser treatments can be performed in the doctor's office without any type of anesthesia. Most laser procedures last less than 30 to 45 minutes and the patient can return to their normal activities immediately after leaving the doctor's office. Lasers can be used to remove tattoos, tighten and tone the skin, remove unwanted hair, and lighten moles and other skin discolorations.

Do Laser Treatments Have Side Effects?

Laser treatments are known to have mild side effects. Depending on the type of laser that is used, skin irritations, warmth near the treatment site, and tenderness to the touch are common. While laser treatments do not cause scarring, they can cause skin discolorations for the first few days after the procedure. For some, this discoloration may be similar to that of bruising. Most side effects will only last for two or three days following the procedure. If any side effect remains after the first couple of days after a procedure, they should be immediately reported to the physician.

How Long do the Results of a Laser Treatment Last?

The results of laser treatments will vary depending on the type of laser used, the area that was treated, and the condition that was corrected. In some cases, the treatment may last for several months. Laser treatments designed to remove fat deposits or tight and tone the skin may produce results that last for several years. Each person will react differently to their treatment. Their overall health, the severity of the condition being treated, and their ability to care and maintain the body after the procedure will all play a role in how long the results of a laser treatment will last. Before a laser treatment procedure, the doctor will go over the possible results and what the person can expect when the procedure is over.

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Glacier Surgical Associates accepts most major insurance plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans they accept. Please contact the office if you do not see your insurance provider listed here.

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